Save your Scene, Save your Club


As you all know the whole world is holding its breath while the novel Coronavirus spreads. Especially the cultural scene of bars and clubs is particularly affected by all this.

On March 12th Bootshaus officially shut its doors, to protect our community from the risks associated with this pandemic crisis. With more than 90 permanent employees and around 300 part-time staff we take our responsibility serious to make sure that all of them will get through these hard times.

With the love & support from our community & DJs alike we can overcome this crisis and give you something back: Bootshaus Live.


Opened 15 years ago, Bootshaus is known around the world as one of the most famous clubs for electronic music. We are now transforming this spirit into a modern online platform.

  • Watch exclusive Livestreams with your favorite DJs.
  • Gain access to many recorded DJ Sets from Bootshaus and our Festivals
  • Enjoy exclusive DJ Sessions recorded only for Bootshaus Live
  • Access exclusive Bootshaus Mixtapes by a large selection of top DJs
  • The platform will continuously be improved and expanded with content, also and especially after Bootshaus reopens its doors!


This platform has already cost us a pretty large amount of money and resources. The subscription prices are calculated to be a good mix of covering costs and supporting Bootshaus and our local scene.

You can choose between four different subscriptions:

  • Monthly subscription: €4,99
  • Quarterly subscription: €12,50
  • Yearly subscription: €49,80
  • Premium Monthly subscription: €9,99 

Premium memberships are for our fans to simply give us extra support in these difficult times and will be rewarded with exclusive Goodies for just those fans.

Please note: Livestreams will be charged extra on a donation basis, with a minimum fee of €1,49 for each stream you want to watch live. Every livestream will be recorded and made available to rewatch - for all subscriptions.

Thank you for your support and enjoy,

Team Bootshaus