1. What is Bootshaus.live and why should I subscribe to it?
Bootshaus.live offers you a lot of content you won't find anywhere else: exclusive DJ sessions, live streams but also a lot of videos from our festivals and from Bootshaus. Bootshaus.live will also contain exclusive content from SINEE, the platform for aspiring producers.

Bootshaus.live is constantly being developed, even after the current crisis you will continue to find new content here.

2. Is there an app for Android or iOS?
Currently we are working on both! In the middle of May we will be able to provide you with first information here - you will be informed here directly on the site as well as via the newsletter.

3. I want to cancel my subscription, how can I do that?
You can cancel your subscription at any time - there are no deadlines. The exact procedure:

Log in, click on „Dashboard“ -> „Billing“ -> „Change plan“ -> „Cancel Membership“

4. How can I pay - payment options?
Currently you can pay via Paypal and with credit card.

5. Premium subscription - what does it offer me?
With the premium subscription you support the Bootshaus team directly - but you also generate a lot of advantages for yourself:

1. live streaming for free

2. 5% for Snash non-stop

3. specials / gadgets after club opening

6. How often will new content be uploaded?
We update the platform regularly, you can expect new exclusive content up to 6 days a week. More information will follow soon!